Peplum Is Not Dead

 I have a question, Why we all so in love with dresses? furthermore when we go shopping for dresses counts a major deal — like i’m looking for a DRESS!— but the fact is that this dress will be only worn one time and the only next time you’ll see it in your next spring cleaning, so instead of throw it away in the back of your closet again, play with it! oooh yeaaah…

It’s not a new thing, i mean layer a dress, but a peplum patterned dress is another thing, since i don’t see peplum quite often (WHY! I, myself crazy about peplum again since Rochas winter 14) So i object!
— Okay now you have two deals with the price of one —
And since we all have a gazillion girls inside of us (that’s secretly hidden), i’ll show you three identities  today, okay No. One…

1.The Editor kinda gal: This is me in another world, in my office ordering everyone to wear not just black this day, yea it’s a busy day but you if you could wear a peplum for a whole busy day, you’ll pass me.

Since i’m an editor and wear only basic and black outfits, i’ll only show you the peplum graphical part and since i’m bossing everyone around to shake it a bit at the office, i’ll wear a matchy matchy sandals too!
Here i wore the dress under a basic crisp white shirt, black pencil skirt and some hose, and a black jacket over the shoulder/ a bun/ a mobile on the hands with the right position for a professional look #cliché

The Editormal Girl: This one is working for the bitch above, finding out how to wear the peplum in the comfiest way possible (experienced with dancing) with a mid pointed high heels and a knit sweater tucked from the front for extra volume, leaving my hair just like, hence that’s my bed head.
3.The Normal Girl: The one that refuses to be controlled by the bitches above, she’s her own boss, but have a point to make (Obvi.), still stuck to her originality which shown at her jeans, the way she folds it and everything actually, the under peplum lace top breaks the masculinity of it all and that’s an outfit i could wear everyday.
I’m Done here, bye.
Wearing: Believe it or not, All Zara, but Glasses: RayBan and Jeans: H&M.


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