“Well I’m one of the girls that you could be jealous of, people keep asking what do you do, whats your secret, your diet, i bet your addicted to the gym right? yea that’s what I thought too, even men was like: your in shape, do you play any sports? —My answer was I do nothing and eat crap, shut up I’m fat.”
Okay, that was my talk 3 years ago.

After i was 23ish years old, and after that I was completely foolish about my body and though that i was gonna stay like that forever cause i have good genes, (even when i though i was a little fat) all of the sudden after 3 years or so, i saw the real fat baby, i was just shitting myself.
I started to go to the gym, get my shit together, do yoga, get myself centered, it was a “Feel good revolution” for me, and yes I felt damn good… after 3 month i got back to crap.
The problem here is: like there’s a good clothes, there’s is a good food, a reallly good food, and I can’t through it all away for the sake of good body shape! I don’t care okayyy!
(After Instagram and a lot of great body shapes that kills you just by seeing it, I discovered this…
– I have a “squats” issue, cause every time I see a good ass (seems like there’s a lot of good asses around the globe #WHATISTHAT!) i go crazy because i’m so so far from that.
-A 30 min. jog in the morning once a week is not enough, you have to kill it, to see it.
-There’s a WHOLE different between a skinny girl and a fit girl.
-Work hard to have a good body in 3 month or less, But work harder to maintain it.
-I don’t have to mention that a fit body looks more Fit with clothes on, and more sexy when clothes off.
So after i got jealous (yea it was my turn), and because summer is is on the corner —it’s about time, i decided to workout, daily, eat healthy —i’m tryinggggg don’t push me— I wanna see some muscles, uhhh words are easier, but everything you do will pay off…
Start with your friends, you’ll push each others, and do an inspirations boards for great bodies… Or Asses!
Set you goals, and move forward, for me, I’ll see you after 3 months from now, I’m off to a kick boxing class, yes I’ll hit someone, or it’ll be the other way around.
So What’s your plans for the summer body? any tips?


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