quarantine hair care routine

The Quarantine-Specific Routine for Curly Hair

If there’s anything you need to focus on during quarantine, it’s probably how to take care of your curly hair, Here’s a simple quarantine hair care routine to do weekly. Bring out the big guns aka the hair products you would only use at home. 

The thing is, you don’t need to worry about being presentable since you’re at home 24/7, only think about your self needs. If it needs 5-7 days no wash head, so be it, if it needs a relaxing bathtime every 3 hours, so be it. If it needs an extensive haircare for dry damaged curly hair, so.be.it. And If you think you need a hair cut or bangs, don’t ever think about writing the words on Youtube. 

Play the shampoo game

I’ll be honest. I can go past day three without washing my hair. I know that I can leave it for a longer time to get more oils out since my hair is dry, skip shampooing, or even co-wash it, but I just love the clean squeaky feel. This part is truly up to you and your knowledge about what your hair needs and your tolerance towards these rules. The methods are endless, and I can’t tell you something that you won’t stick to at the end (been there, done that). I weekly rinse with apple cider vinegar because it makes my hair so shiny and feels so clean. I usually shampooing with Herbal Essence because I’m just a kid who is a sucker for a traditional hair smell. I know it can mess up my curls pattern, but I love the imperfect look of curls. 

Condition your hair for a better life

Omg, this is so cheesy, but this is where we want to restore all the moisture of your locks. We have three phases: regular conditioning: where you apply rinse-out products after shampooing. Leave-in conditioner: a light conditioner, or butter created to stay in your hair without weighing it down. I put on leave-in condition with some water in a spray bottle and spray through my hair twice a week. And finally, deep conditioning: the equivalent of a long relaxing bath for hair. If your hair feels heavy after applying any of these types, it’s a clear indicator that this conditioner is not for your hair and choose a lighter type. I go over when to use what in the picture above. 

Masks are the seal deal

Natural masks are the only treatments that result in such a huge difference I notice instantly. Pick a natural homemade mask that will go right with your hair type and don’t get lazy about this. These are the times to do these kinds of stuff. Do the mask, wear a cap to lock all the moisture in, and forget about it for about an hour. I do it with dry hair because I get the most benefits from the mask this way.

Preserving your curls 

To protect your curly hair when you sleep, do a pineapple-gather all your curls to the very top of your head and secure with a nondamaging hair tie- or sleep in braids, three on each side, and don’t forget to regularly wash this silk pillowcase.

The Plan

Time needed: 7 days

The weekly plan for curly hair care

  1. Day 1

    Do a clarifying wash with apple cider vinegar rinse or any preferred clarifying method.

  2. Day 2

    Shampoo (if you want), condition, and massage in deep conditioner

  3. Day 3


  4. Day 4

    Spray a leave-in conditioner.

  5. Day 5

    Natural mask, then shampoo+condition

  6. Day 6

    Spray a leave-in condition

  7. Day 7


Rules to be applied

  • Apply your products liberally, forget about the quarter size, it’s like combing your hair with product. If you have more time, actually do that. 
  • Only air dry, you have the whole day every day.
  • Pineapple or sleep in braids, three on each side, and don’t forget to regularly wash this silk pillowcase.

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