Sales is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Yes it’s hereeee in all storesss now, OOooo myy Goooodddddd!, okayy calm down Passant, Are you out of you mind?! (yes!), I mean what’s happening to me every time I hear this word (Sale), first i can’t breath normaly #Arushofbloodtothehead, yes that’s exactly what happens, but why every time?!, I mean this time I was chilling and “trying to find myself” (I was doing yoga and meditation and forget about the whole world..), I didn’t even see all the resort collections (OMG did you see that!! what was that?! did you see Chole’!, but that’s another story I can’t even talk about..), so i was not “here” the last couple of weeks, but today when I saw that the first thing in the morning-that it’s sale time- I forgot about the whole peaceful, balanced me, but again, I’m cool now, lets just chill and think correctly, because there’s a lot of mistakes I’m doing every time I go shopping on sales, C’mon! everything is so cheap and I finally feel that my whole wardrobe is changing, but no not this time.. this time is different.. this time i’m more relaxed, calm and know what I’ll buy and what I’ll not (really?) Yea, I swear..

I mean, every time I go shopping with my dad (dad!) (yea, be smart, he’s the one that will pay at the end when he sees your dropping puppy eyes), he calls me “the headless chicken”, you know, the new add Harvey Nichols used this time to promote their sales? (I think my dad behind that idea i swear!), but I am like that chicken, WAS..! GOSH!, used to be like that, but now No noneuuu, lets just think straight before you go shopping this time now..

-Okay so the first thing to do is: Watch the resort collection 2014, and if you really digging this, watch the 013 too, why not? you’ll get all the inspirations from that, believe me, and (you’ll know your head from your legs) LOL (Egyptian quote means the knowledge of exactly what you’ll do), there are so many great ideas out there..

-The second thing is: Don’t buy All new, All cool stuff, try to buy things that will last at least season or two (or forever) like basic, modern pieces you can wear so many time, and buy one or two cool, up to date pieces (like crop tops and trousers are so in right now), that will say (i know things that your mind will not gonna get). 

-The third and last thing is: Try to lose wight,  know it’s totally outta this subject, but that’s the feeling I get when i look online before I go shopping (I became like Omygod, I wanna find the perfect jeans, but not with those thighs, if I just lose a couple of pounds and get a size down, that will be the end of my miserable life.

So what about you? Do you wait for sales, or it’s just another month of the year? and if you do, Are you a reasonable shopper or not?

Image: from (I’m gonna get this silky jumpsuit, it’s amazing and modern and I love it).

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