Sweaters Mode: ON

Current sweaters I have in my wardrobe (since 2010): 10.

Current sweaters that are wearable: 3.

It’s getting chilly here, reaally chilly, that kind of cold when your bones hurt! We don’t have the dry kind of cold, the humidity here strikes your bones like it it’s only mission, ugh so the best thing for me is, like anyone else, curl in my couch, my hot chocolate and laptop, tv, nothing else matters but being warm, cabled warm.

The thing is I don’t like wearing sweaters and jackets together, because the two sweaters that I already wear are oversize and I feel bulky and not comfortable in that duo, but if you give me the right cable oversize sweater I’m sure that I can wear it alone (with something underneath maybe) and be happily warm.

I was thinking about coats as they are the most essential item that I want this winter, but sweaters are on the same level since I found myself searching for some in my wardrobe with no luck, so I scoured  the cyber over them to feel warmer, putting it in the best slideshow display, to transfer the same feeling, and let you indulge into the warmer feeling of winter, so bring your hot chocolate into the screen with a blanket over your shoulders, and switch into the mode of warm winter.

Don’t forget to read the captions of someone who’s under a pile of blankets and wants to be styled with cables.

Images source: Tumblr and Pinterest. 


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