I don’t know if I got underdressed lately or all the people around me got overdressed, or I’m just a girl with no style to begin with.

Aside from working in a fashion magazine now, and no, not like you’re imagining that I have a Dries Van Noten sample pieces arrives to my office everyday (Dreahhms, K!). I go very casual, like nothing to notice on my daily outfit, cigarette jeans worn with a t-shirt, and yes I actually thought of going with my birks one day because I was so tired of flats, but it was so chilly so I thought of socks with it !!! But naah, I’m not that daring at the office to go with whatever I found in front of me in the morning… Yet.

Other than my flats, jeans and t-shirts/ sweaters on top, I could go for a shirt if I want to be more pro, but I don’t think farther.

The thing is I don’t think about it, I just throw anything and hoping that will work together because after all, I chose and purchased every piece in my wardrobe, right! Adding that I don’t see excitement in my very basic —these days— wardrobe.

That of course, includes my evening style, it gets chilly now so I throw any jacket or coat, double it with my blanket will be more than enough for me.

But when it comes to style, or what I would prefer to look everyday —yes I’ve high hopes of a nicer look to achieve everyday!— I find myself stuck at everyday basics, and ending up with questions like: Do I even have a style? How was I styling myself before, why I’m lost at this? Why all the people look so… dressed! No, I can’t do yellow pants now! I’m fine with my rocking jeans!… Do I need a new clothes/ statement pieces to shake things up!!? yes yes Passant, you need to follow more trends!

And it never stop until I convenience myself I’ve lost my style somewhere. And that I need more, obviously.

Or actually a whole new wardrobe to start fresh! #Fuckedupmind.

When I get to my mental peace stage which happens every day before sleep duh!! I realize that I don’t need more (not that much you know) and in the fashion circus, more is never enough, and trends are just faster than… Will everything. And if that t-shirts/ jeans duo is just my style so let it be! because I tell you what, No one dress just in t-shirts/ jeans combo anymore, so bonus the style that no one have or try to achieve anymore!!! LOL! —What does Style mean to the world now anyway, ha!?— And if it’s just a phase that I’m going through or just a base of style that will evolve at some point I’m ok with that.

My mind got switched in a second and I love him more than ever now! #BestBuddiesForLife.

Do you ever feel trapped in your t-shirt and jeans? How do you manage shaking it up? Do you even try!? Join the club.


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