When Zara strikes, Again.

You already know that I’m obsessed with earnings,  a really good pair can magnetize me! I can look for them for hours and don’t get tired, and my dear Zara stopped me at his station to witness the imitation of great pairs.

Golden Earrings that screams Céline and Louis Vuitton in our fast world, the thing is I’ve been thinking about this golden asymmetrical hoops for a while now and I’ve no idea why I didn’t purchase it yet, maybe because it’s so Celine —maybe, don’t even try to talk about that…

All the earnings are really cool, but I’m afraid it won’t suit my face, or my long hair, but I love to integrate two complications like my big hair and one statement big earring with each others, my hair behind my ear and one bold earning vs. the other side of my face which will be… all hair actually, you know.

But every time I head to Zara which happens approximately 4 times a week, I grab the asymmetrical hoop earrings and in my way out, I leave it! I do the same with one or two other pairs! crazy! but the thing is I only need one now, one is enough, but the question is which from lots of greatness! I mean c’mon, did you see the long one with the pearls! ok, now I need two!

If you appreciate the coolness in these pairs, which one will be you choice!?

 Zara Earrings.


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