Locked in the bathroom

That time I was Locked in the Bathroom

Last Monday, I was going from place to place in a hurry to finish little touches at the room that looks now more “livable”, I noticed some laundry on the walk side so I picked them up, went to the bathroom (that’s temporarily out of service) to put it in the laundry basket, and without any further notice, I was locked in the bathroom that I didn’t know, or remember the fact that it needed a new lock.

When you’re suddenly in a moment like this one, you bring somehow Chandler from friends or even Joe to play a scene like that (I’m binge watching the show these days so stick with me), you know that hilarious surprising face they put? adding to that, some straws in my hair, wearing one tee from sleep time to daytime. Eyes are popped out like it’s the last day to spend at the beach on a summer day, and you want to really enjoy it because it’s the last day? The complete opposite of mind state occur in this situation, but with the same popping eyes.

When you finally realize the situation you’re in, you thank god that you’re not living alone. You can talk with someone behind the door to save you , both of you are waiting for someone to fix the mess, but the wait could go for hours, hours my lady.

I spent 3 hours in there. No mobile, no chair, and yes… NO PRODUCTS! Only a mirror, a sink, a toilet seat and a shower to live here (almost got everything, though!), so now all you’ve got is three hours to kill, right!? Like, you can for example:

Clean the toilet seat and set for the remaining unknown time you’ll be there. —Didn’t do that because I’m more like a Rachel not a Monica at this).

Get a perfect shower. —It’s not that perfect you don’t have any of your stuff to make it perfect, nor fresh clothes. Again Rachel.

Shave. —Did that the day before but next time I won’t make the effort because who knows when will be the next time you’ll lock yourself in right!! So Joe.

Have a mask momentum.— Like a holy energized moment of face cleaning, masking it, you think of it while applying as the purest, most luxurious thing to do on earth and you spend every moment of it just feeling it. Hair or face would be applied here. Think of me as Ross trying new things.

Swipe your hair while singing one of Beyoncé songs.—Realize how good your hair down is after pulling out some things from it. More of Monica singing and dancing.

Having a braces moment and model it in front of the mirror. —I mean why the hell not. Ross modeling.

Think of how your life was great out there because you literally standing surrounded by shit, appreciate every moment of it and especially, you bathroom. Crying Chandler.

After having what I could have from these ideas (absolute zero but appreciation), 3/4 of  time went by and it was time to rethink that I can’t breathe at a small square bathroom anymore, I opened the small window, trying every now and then the lock, but there’s nothing to do here but wait and laugh at how shitty the situation is.

When the fixing man arrived, he couldn’t do anything on his behalf other than breaking it, I Survived, received plenty of hugs, and the first thing I did was, having a mask, warm green tea and a relaxing appreciation moment.

  1. OMG! This reminded me of my downstairs bathroom, haha! It’s so tricky to open and I’m not going to lie, I always laugh when someone goes in there and fully closes the door, haha. Thank goodness this happened to you at home. I sometimes get nervous these things would happen to me in public, which nearly happened a few times, but I was able to open the door after many failed attempts. It’s pretty scary, but funny once you’re finally out! I couldn’t help but picture so many episodes of Friends as I was reading, such great analogies you’ve made here, girl! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



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