The Mix Of Nuts We Use On Everything

Egyptians always looking at the nuances that make a perfect meal. Nuts, for instance, are a main part of the meal not only the garnish. It always transforms the dish to a level that I call ∼a soul level∼ because there is a certain mix of nuts that can be found in every house in Egypt. It’s the garnish that some desserts lose their identity without it. Like, our rice pudding and Mehalbiya. And it’s the filling of other desserts like Qataief, Konafa, Gullash, and other oriental desserts recipes.

It is unique, refreshing and simple. We prepare and keep in a container for various uses. If this mix is used as a garnish, this simple detail is what distinguishes the look of a plate from a hundred other. It’s not as western people might believe, that we use pomegranate or dried fruits over our hummus recipes. I don’t want to shock you with the fact that Egyptians never garnish with pomegranate but that’s for another talk.

The mix of these nuts may differ from a house to another, but it somehow always tastes the same. If we are going to use it as a garnish, it has to be in the center of the dessert, shaped like a tiny mountain that you can spread over the dish later, to have a bit of everything in every spoon.

The mix always contains shredded coconuts and raisins as a base. And some crushed nuts. We mix the two with crushed walnuts, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts, and some pistachio, whatever available. In our tradition, it says something between these lines; we’re generous, we give you the best we have, and we love to welcome you to our house at any time. Remember us, first with your sight, then your taste. So we guarantee that we will never be out of your memory.

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