Transition Weather Series #3

We all do that little wrap, on summer or winter, we do it every season now (with jackets, shirts, sweaters,cardigans…), it adds definition to your style, I think it came as a function thing  before it become a trend (the knot drives me crazy!), people needed that extra piece for the chills moments, obviously they won’t hold it because there’s too much in the hands already so they styled it with their everyday look, then styled in many different ways, along the year, or that’s just my vision for the whole thing. What matters here that we need that warm something to wrap! oh Oui, either you’ll wear it…

-Across the Body: She knotted a sweater on one shoulder (my favorite new way) in the above picture, it’s like across bag to me, with the tones of creams and beige, I’m sold.

-Around the Waist: The one that we all did with plaid shirts at summer, uh don’t deny it! now wear that shirt and knot your sweater.


-Around the Neck: The one we’ve stopped doing and have no idea why! she’s here doing it with a long cardigan that i know made the back of this look sublime.

So Will you do it this time of the year, if so, how will you wear it?

Images via Le-21eme and Grazia it.

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