Watch it or Read it!?

I don’t watch YouTube like normal people do.

I could open youtube twice every week or so to check something important or if I couldn’t find something on google, which is completely different than what most people do, that you see videos first and if you can’t watch what you’re looking for—which is impossible these days— you go to reeeaaadd what people say about this thing.

But, I just rediscovered YouTube ( I’m also saying this every week then I don’t watch it regularly), I found that the only good way to wake up is to watch bloopers for example, which was a complete coincidence when opened my eyes on a link on WhatsApp that my sister sent me, I was awake only for an hour swirling on my bed before it, then I instantly woke up after watching a couple of videos (Ten). Becuase YOU HAVE to fall into the hole, you have to, maybe that’s why I avoid YouTube!… oh that could take a whole new looong post!

So Do you watch videos first when you’re looking for something or read about it first!? I feel like I’m a loner here right!? Ohh we need to talk it out!

So if you haven’t woke up it yet, here, then watch every single recommended after it.


  1. I love watching YouTube and I love watching an array of videos from makeup tutorials to documentary style videos. I feel it’s quite amazing because you have access to somewhat of a portable tv, but in most cases, with relatable people, which is pretty cool. I don’t always turn to it for a source of information, it all depends on what it is exactly. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have the best day, beauty!



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