How I Became This Lazy!?

You can simply not do it, it’s better this way, just relax and don’t think about it…

This thought could be applied to anything you want to do in your life till it becomes, pretty much all of it!

I don’t remember how or when I first became that much lazy about everything, it’s much easier to not do anything, of course, as long as you don’t think about the subsequences.

The subsequences that might be for a long or a short time, even if you think about it sometimes, you might feel like it’s useless, I mean, if I didn’t do x or y, I still pretty much be living right.

Wronger than wrong.

Because what I imagine my life to be or even existing in this time of this life not like that at all! I imagine simple but fun and joyful one, with the daily challenges that I’ll be most of the time capable of solving! I love it like that, otherwise, it’ll be boring!

But how to solve the dilemma of a simple thing you should regularly do like, ohh damn should I do the laundry? Oh so now I’ve to grab every single piece of dirty cloth, put it in the washing machine, then see if I can find where to put the soap, and LEARN how to exactly switch it on without ruining the clothes!

Well, I better spend my day on Instagram, I already wear clothes so I am FINE.

You can measure that on every single thing in my life, even on taking care of myself and nourishing my body, should I cook or make a sandwich? Then should I make a sandwich or eat snacks? I’ve reached a level where I could eat nothing but snacks on my day because I’m so busy doing other lazy things and I’m happy this way because I only eat what I want! I don’t drink water at all because I don’t want to get up and get it. So from that, I recently figured that I have iron deficiency anemia and now I take a six month described bills for that. That’s all from that thinking process, the laziness of getting up off of my ass and do something, even for my own sake. Although that I now have a scientifically proved general fatigue, deep deep down when I face myself, I call it a very veryy lazy self.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m literally spending my life on my couch, I love my couch, I made a hole of my shape in it and she’s not complaining, she’s got a name, it’s Blossom, ok, I just made that up, but I do love it! There’s a science that needs to be discovered of the relation between the person and his couch, and It’s not that I’m lazy you know, it’s just… I become happier when I do stuff that makes me more excited WHILE I’M CHILLING!! Lol, like editing my photos for example! Illustrating! The things that would give me euphoria without moving any muscles but my brains’! (ok, eyes, hands’, you know what I mean, the opposite of working out), In the same time, I hate when I do absolutely nothing like just watching a movie—Am I supposed to sit like that for a whole hour and 45 minutes!?—I feel suffocated from not doing anything! It’s like when you’re not seeing me here, I’ll be doing something behind the scenes, like setting up a new page for my illustrations and words! yeeee!

So what about going out and party!!? Hmm, stay at home and eat delivered shit, it’s better to hang at home with your friends or long distance ones anyway! You’d think like “Ohh, but that’s not how I want to live my twenties” oh, believe me, those people who travel the world every day and very busy being famous? They only exist on YouTube! And we!??? We got locked in the bathroom every once and a while, I believeeee and know that most of the twenties girls are living the same life I’m living right now, right? oh am I right, ok so maybe I absolutely not and maybe the fear of thinking about how wrong I am makes me want to jump off my bed and do the things that I really want to do in my twenties, like, make the change, prove a point, and surely, travel the world.


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