How to Elevate Whipped Cream to Summer Level

My birthday will arrive within 5 days. I haven’t plan anything yet but the cakes that I want to eat on this special week. Yes, I will celebrate every day of the week starting today. My favorite kind of cakes is the lightest. The kind which you can eat a whole cake by yourself and don’t feel bloated. I stated more than a million times that I love cakes more than any food in the world. So I thought it would be great to talk about one of the main elements that, for me, can take a cake from dull to hallelujah, it’s lighter than air. It’s the reason why I love cakes in general, Whipped cream!

From this, you start to get the big picture. I especially love cakes with whipped cream. Not cheese, not English, not pound (I like this one so much tho, along with profiteroles). I love celebration cakes that have whipped cream in every part of it, thank you very much.

I enjoy to do cakes, and a big believer that celebration cakes are not just from special days, it’s for every day of the week indeed. And since I share cooking tips and techniques I started, or copied from my mom. I thought I should share how I upgrade my whipped cream for summer taste. To not only use it on cakes of course but on whatever summer might throw on you.

If this is your first time here, and you are interested in knowing how to make whipped cream, or asking yourself what can I add to whipped cream to make it even better. It’s all here, and fairly easy.

Whisk your heavy cream in a large bowl using a whisk, a hand mixer, or an electric one (gradually increase the speed to avoid splattering) until soft peaks start to form (little clouds that look like the wave emoji).

Once you start to see soft peaks, add one tablespoon of pineapple juice, coconut milk, or peaches syrup for every 1½ cups of heavy cream. This will transform any dish you could think of! Pies, a bowl of fruit– a dollop on that or a dozen, and what started this talk, cakes. See you in Havana.

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