What Would You Wear at Weddings?

What Would You Wear at Weddings!?

I’m talking weddings but not like what you think.

You see, I have this wedding which I’ll be a bridesmaid in and I hate it… I mean, it’s always an honor to be one for one of my best friends but the thing is with that matter, that it’s always a hardcore to make a dress like the bride’s requirements, because yes, the bride most of the times wants you to be in one color and one difficult design that You have to make with any local tailor and this design would not come out easy like you thought it’d be, and because she leaves you at this dilemma, your inner Hedi Slimane comes out and want your dress to be perfect, but it turns out to be a disaster, Every.Single.Time. Even if you tried to jam it all up with pearls and diamonds like in the above picture, yes I did that and I’m happy with it but I want more from the piece you know what I mean…

I see these dresses style as the opposite of me, and once I wear it, I want to change it as fast as I can, maybe because I never did a dress that turned out exactly like I want, and maybe because there’s no bride ever got good dresses like how I imagine—like you know those really good simple satan or chiffon dresses that you always see at the pretty wedding photographers images on IG—, I don’t like to be in a cheap satin dress that doesn’t represent me or my taste for the whole night, and the thing is, mainly in these kind of occasions, I can’t be myself if I’m wearing such a thing, and for that, I always want to change to something different after the photo session. I want to celebrate and party and be me so I have to change, simple. The difficult thing is I’ve a wedding in two days and literally have Noo idea what to wear at the reception party, not even a single clue, the wedding in two days and this is just… damn.

I’m brainstorming sweeping the internet looking for the one and only, I tend to think on full aspects, yes clearly like men if that’s what in your mind, I want to almost live in the dress, wear it more than one and never get tired of it, and if I did I try to find more solution and looks with it. I want to be free, I want to dance with no pain, and… I want to show my quickness here and there, it’s all in the attitude which simply represented by me, and me will feel good with lots of surroundings including what I put on my body, feet, hands and ears.

Earnings are my easy way to go for in such a case, I always find varieties in it, it’s my number one statement that goes a milestone for what I’ll ensemble with, which bring us to number two, which is the shoe, that would be mostly in silver, gold, Olympia or flats—yes, and that all goes straight to number three which is the main thing but surly as much as simple as a bias-cut silk dress or a slip satin dress—that I’d love to wear everyday forever and ever and would be more than satisfying for me which means mission accomplished —however I could go sequins and low it a bit in number 1 or 2 statements— because guess what, you’ll be more than dressed when you combined them all, picture it for one second and slide with me… got it, ohhh yeeeaaaA+

SO! With capital O, What Would You Wear at Weddings!?

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