Shit I’m late!!! I’m so damn Eff-ing late!!! Aaahhhhhh…
4 hours ago…
It’s a beautiful afternoon and I’m spending it in one of the best spots in Egypt! At this hotel where jazz was playing and drinking my coffee like I have nothing to worry about, I mean nothing.

Except that this was a meeting and I’ve my friend’s engagement celebration at 7.

The day will continue to be great! and because I’m a professional multitasking girl I could make it at the time, I’ve time even if she’s living in a far far away land, I know that I’ll wear my favorite silk jumpsuit that when I put it on I feel nonchalant Parisian instantly and the only thing that I don’t know is where she lives but I’ll meet my other friends that will take me from the nearest point and go with them, it’s all under control, being managed. Sip my coffee.
After 2 hours of enjoying and 1 hour of traffic to get home, I knew that I’m already late, so late to even put some make up on.

Thank god that my navy jumpsuit was waiting for me to make me look good enough for the event, and those sandals will look just great when they peek-a-poo from the very long flowy jumpsuit Eeeeek, my clutch on my hand, I just need to freshen up and get dressed as fast as I can… looking at the mirror and glimpse the reflection that I thought would just need a few tinny retouches and nearly about to scream from how shitty my hair looks, my hair will make me look miserable and that is not the first time to take such a move, deciding that the low ponytail is my only solution.

The phone doesn’t stop ringing because I’m already late on my friends that already are waiting for me on the street to pick me up from the pre-approved spot. I’m taking my keys, my clutch and my shoe on my hand and rushing on the stairs with my flip-flops because I won’t drive in those heels for sure!

…Shit I forgot to wear my perfume! shit shit, running up again, the phone is ringing again and it’s my friend—the one who’s getting engage!! No I won’t answer her, I’m jumping my stairs, putting myself on the car and calling her claiming that I’m about to meet my other friends assuring her that we’re not gonna be late.

After 20 minutes of driving I’m meeting my friends, picking my things, mobile, clutch, the make-up that was all over the place from putting on these 20 minutes, and wearing my shoes to be perfectly ready for the poooaaarty! Except…

Where’s my sandals… I can’t find my shoes! OH MY GOD I FORGOT MY SHOESS! No this aint happening! It was on my hands, I remember… calling my sister to assuring  me that I forgot it and clearly that happened when I went back for the perfume wearing.

I can’t get out of my car, my friends don’t know what to do, we’re all far away from any homes and there no time to get any shoes from anywhere except calling my friend that we’re all going to and ask her for a pair, except that she’s very busy with her guests and her shoe size is 7! I’m a 9! Yea.

So I’m doomed now and look great in a navy jumpsuit and pink flip-flops, perfect.

When I got to the party (that’s not so much poaaarty for me now) my friend’s friend who I’ve never met got me a pair, easy right, except it’s a pair from 2005, and neither represent me nor my style in ANY WAY! I wore it and said to myself “you can pull it, the pants part of the jumpsuit are so long and can hide it”, I couldn’t and neither the jumpsuit.

I still don’t know how I actually stayed the whole night with such a shoes, yes I stayed the whole night my legs hiding behind the chair, the next morning I really wished to stayed barefoot, that would be more me than putting on something not representing me at all, I could imagine myself make fun of my barefoot but dancing and enjoying my time rather than what happened. It’s crazy how something insignificant can change you whole mood, look hence attitude, and how when I got in such a situation couldn’t do/think of the best thing for me! sigh… maybe I’ll learn with experience—never ever wear something that is not you even if that will leave you barefoot because showing at the party barefoot late is just so much cooler than… anything actually.


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