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2 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit Better


There’re some clothes that I’d love to wear on a daily basis like jeans and tee but somehow, I forget about it after one wear because it doesn’t give me much wear out of it or all the functions that I needed from it, sure it give ease, elegant with a manly oomph, but doesn’t give me variety and play— or that is my mind’s work and it finds it difficult to make with such an item!

For that, I squeezed my mind like a lemon you want every bit of it in your summer day to cool your heated head to put on an easy but not straightforward jumpsuit looks that I love enough to possibly wear in two days at one week and achieve what I want eventually: variety, effortless and complex message, and fun!

It’s like another version than your regular french toast sandwich recipe, like you’ve added thyme to your mozzarella cheese and paprika to your egg, milk batter, YUM RIGHT!ways-to-wear-jumpsuit-fashion-paradoxes-photo2

So what you’ll need to make this recipe goes to your wardrobe life and wear a jumpsuit better is:

A jumpsuit which opens from the front.

A slogan T-shirt because you’re always want to say something without speaking, with the tee you’re making it out loud fast, and complete it with the difficulty of how you’d wear the jumpsuit. Are we speaking paradoxes again!!!?

A shoe (optional). (I’d wear a Birken or anything to slide with it, just saying).

This is a V-neck satin jumpsuit with covered button down the way up, I love to wear it at some occasions with no shoes, this time, I did Not forget, it was a choice to make the “we are in love” tee appear the most, leaving a sleeve off duty but it’s really hanging there making another nonchalant effect duty, get it, like it? GOOOOHHDD.


The second recipe is harder to digest for some, but sure it’s more fun than the first one, we’re talking next level game here my lady, eh! You’ll need:

Same jumpsuit.

A hint of vest or a body to show your V shape and give another dimension of flavors.

A white shirt that you wrap around your upper body from the tip of one side, and the sleeve of another, making a bow on the center as a garnish. if anything hanged there just insert it at any place, it won’t move. And that’s another use for shirts, no really Thank youhH!

A Fake Miu Miu slides you DIY-ed and proudly happy about.

On both dishes, there’s a handful of accessories that I rather keep on my rest to shake it off once and awhile. Mix it all together and there you go, 2 dishes of one jumpsuit that you’ll never get board of.

Et voilà, bon appétit!

All Look: Zara and DIY Slides.ways-to-wear-jumpsuit-fashion-paradoxes-photo1


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