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8 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Any Bald Wall

My new space looks bald. I have been looking for wall decor ideas to make my space feel like home ever since I’ve assembled the heavy objects. The empty walls call for some creations that would bring my personality to the space. So I went to the only inspo source again and write about it here to be a reference for anyone who needs inspiration in such area, yes Pinterest. I searched for wall decor ideas that add style to any bald wall. These personal touches will help to set a nice atmosphere around your home.

Go for a gallery wall

Wall decor ideas

A gallery wall will entertain your guests and will open up a window for conversation. If you love the process of searching for vintage and personalized frames to set up an art or photography collection, then this is your jam. You can customize each frame or simply, go for gold, black, and wood frames to mix things up.

Add a television that acts as a framed art


Six years without a TV cause we hated how they looked, then we found this and had to splurge 😬 The Frame by Samsung #YourGayUncles #HappyAtHome #FYP

♬ Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

If you hate the tv look in the living room and want framed art on top of your fireplace but also like to watch Netflix every now and then, then this art frame tv is for you. Samsung made an art frame tv that can turn into a beautiful art whenever you want to keep your space beautiful while being functional. TikTok made me do it.

Go for an oversized art piece

Every time I see a large abstract art piece in any room, I feel that I have to do that in my entry. I go all the way to searching DIY on how to make a minimal abstract art to add this personal touch, plus I really enjoy this stuff. It grabs attention and fills the room with texture.

Go for wallpaper

My living room has an old wallpaper that was added by the last renters. The wallpaper has a classic look which doesn’t go in anyway with my modern furniture. It accentuates the wall strongly that I have to get rid of it and maybe, go for a minimal pattern. That shows how one wall can have a strong impact on the space.

Add a plant wall


How to create a gorgeous living wall! 🌿Follow me for part 2 + vase link in comments 💚🙏🏼 #plants #plantwall #plantparents

♬ original sound – Christine

A plant propagation wall is another cool and easy way to decorate an empty wall. I have embedded this TikTok tutorial on how to create a propagation wall from plants you already have in your home and some tested tubes. Results: fresh living wall!

Go for tapestry

One of my favorites. If you want a wall decor idea above bed then you should consider this one. It adds colors and patterns in a soft boldness kinda way. I would go for an oriental look. This will be perfect with my paradoxical belief of having a space that combines a European and Mediterranean feel. You can also opt for this option if you have a very minimal bed heading or no head at all.

Go for industrial mirror wall

Mirrors reflect light and therefore make space look bigger and brighter. I saw the IKEA mirror hack on TikTok, and it blew mind. It’s a cheap DIY wall decor idea that works perfectly for the living room or dining room. Here’s how to do it. Get the frames supplies from Home Depot and start doing frames for the small mirrors. Spray-paint the frame and then glue the small IKEA frames into it to make a grid wall mirror that looks new, and affordable.

Install shelves

I have many walls that I plan to install shelves on it. Shelves look great to showcase your book collections and clay objects and have this artsy minimal look in a well-furnished space.


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