A Playlist for Your Workout

A Playlist for Your Workout

It’s spring! (first day tomorrow yaaaaaasssssseeee) and I don’t wanna go to the gym, simply because I lack the shape of even confronting myself with the fact that I was eating everything that my eyes see and my nose feel all winter, you know when you’re in control of the fact that you’ll get weight? but you don’t care and keep eating because you love food so much!?

The gym for me now is a tariffing place, it’s not fun, because I like a very very limited atmospheres of some gyms that I could workout in, and I’m so lazy to go to any because the simplest question will pop-up in this convo: Why would go to the gym and you could be relaxed in your couch without doing anything by sipping your coffee and enjoying your time with your laptop, ha!?

However I know deep deep down it’s A must now because let me tell you the fact that slapped me on the face yesterday, my flared cropped jeans doesn’t fit me anymore, and when you know that your jeans is stretching and regardless of that it’s uncomfortable and basically you’ll be more comfortable if you just open the button, ok maybe the zip as well because after all I’m wearing it with my long heavy sweater and no one will notice, here’s come the problem— you can’t wear this sweater everyday.

Ok And I’m not in control of my body.

So to begin again from the start I need to take baby steps, a good playlist and a good app in your hand( NIKE is the best for me, tell me if you know better), 15 minutes and start with the beginner level (confronting myself with the reality), the challenge here is to get up and do it, and the “just do it” seems SO HARD but with music everything is easier. And when summer approaching you with bikinis, culottes, white easy dresses and bare legs, it will make you do anything.



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