borrowed from men

Borrowed from Men

Since the “tomboy” officially become a style category that we could follow or inspired by in our details of daily outfits that we hardly and easily put together, the borrowing taking it and never return it from men is something you normally approach or think about.

But hAbe you ever gone to the men department and purchased a piece not for your brother, not for your husband but just for the sake that you love it and you totally can imagine yourself wearing it with every feminine piece you already have to graph that paradox that you always love to be seen in your unspoken by tongue but easily translated look?

Ohhh yea that happened. Actually this weekend at Zara!

You see, the clothes become more unisex than ever now and I don’t know where it’s heading since the men department got much closer to the women and vise versa, however I’m exhilarated with that because the more, the merrier, the more heart movements towards a bigger range of clothes!

Like this rustic blue lined polo shirt that I can image myself wearing on EVERYTHING I have/had and will, nonetheless those printed floral shirts that one of both has the tinge of relaxed spring (above image) and the other of Dries—the world can revolve around Dries.

Do you borrow from men? if that so, Have you ever thought about buying form men department?

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.21.41 PM

Zara images.



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