How do you tie you hair up everyday!? What do you use! I use claw clips! clip it all away, clip it everyday!—my motto. And I have a collection.

As I’m sitting on my bed now, wearing one—Sometimes TWO claw clips, one medium and one small to hold my big top-knot! on my head because really, even if I said I’ll make my hair go to every direction when I walk the streets, that doesn’t mean that this rule apply on home! OKKK maybe once every week but other than that, I can’t… whaaatt! Why do you want your hair on your face every hour of the day, ha! So it either on clipped top-knot or just holding the hair pieces around my face in one top claw clip!It’s just my favorite…You!?

How do you wear your hair on your regular days? and I mean so regular -no-one-sees-me-now-kinda-days!?

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