Sparkles Eyeshadow, the Updated Version of Metallic Eyeshadow

Actually, you can make it yourself.

Warm tones, cold weather, autumn mood board, parties around the corner? YES. TO. ALL. But don’t you think we need something to lucid this party life a bit more? We got it covered on the wear section, but we’re holding a responsibility to our faces to be Kira Kira worthy? Imagine these warm copper brown shades sliding with ease on your eyelid, but as it transforms from your finger to your lid and hits the light, you notice it contains more than what you think. A texture, structure, drama. Wouldn’t it be great not only for you but for this eyeshadow color that been sitting in this round/ square pot to have a Va Va Voom moment in this after dark life?

How to achieve it with ease?

A no-brainer creamy metallic eyeshadow is what you already have. A visit to the closest supply store is what you need. Get the loose glitter color you want on your lid; I’ll go for magenta because every time I see this shade with warm tones on other lids played, I get jealous. I also added a bit of a blue larger glitter for more texture. Put some of the sparkles on the eyeshadow pot and mix the two (or the three). If you don’t want to mess up all the eyeshadow color with the sparkles although it’ll be a good mess, then combine the two in a new container, the portion should be 3:1 of the sparkles so it can slide with ease in your lids.

You can also make it from scratch. Grab a clear lip balm (use a natural lip balm) and experience the joy of mixing glitter and sparkles with it. Just make sure to use eye safe glitters. Use it as a liner, as a top coat to your perfectly shadowed lid or on its own. Go wild, cheers.

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