I’ve been super obsessed with interior because of setting my new room and more busy with finding inspirations for it, how it’ll feels like, what it will look like? How it’ll makes me feel? And where to find inspiration but Pinterest! Seriously, where!

I really love the unfinished work in the space, exposed brick or concrete walls, with a touch of boho chic and cleanness, nevertheless, velvet couches and frames to personalize it more, the whole space becomes you, speaks to anyone who enter without you opening your mouth, just like clothing.

When you swirl in the interior bowl of Pinterest you’ll find yourself wanting more,  the corner becomes a whole living room, the desk becomes a studio, and the chair will be a patio area! All of that, of course will be done with lots of greens, lots of it! Other than dreaming of having your own garden, you’ll start to want a garden in your room, Pinterest makes it all possible!

Other than that I want a pink couch!

And a greenXyellow interior with shades of woods and lots of cactuses.

and a clean bed that won’t take a lot of space…

and oh, a wall of inspirational words and images feels me in one square.

the list go on and on…

How your dream room looks like?

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