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A Glossier Story


“Have you heared of that beauty brand that Emily Weiss launched Glossier!?” Me, saying with excitement in a facetime conversation.

“Yes! You have no idea what they’re doing here!!! The subway is loaded with fresh faces/ flowers everywhere that you second thought your skin routine” Mar who’s living in NYC.

“Mar, we f*@#in’ don’t care that much and we need to start now, because Skin Is IN! We have to start now!

“Did you see the brand identity! The packaging! Omg, the packaging! They give stickers with every order and the pouchhhh!!! Mar I can’t I want to move to NYC now!” Me when packaging gets me.

“Mar, If you’d get me anything for my birthday, I’d love to get stuff from Glossier, thanks for asking what to get me!! I love you!” Me rambling…

After obsessing with Glossier through my screen for 2 years, I made Mar, my best friend, get me Glossier makeup for my birthday, a benefit I have since she’s in the US and can get it, besides, one of her Egyptian friends will get back to Egypt at the time of my birthday so how can I miss the chance! *investigate that other friend for my benefits also*


We’re over the phone both excited to try Glossier for the first time, the brand established itself now and became stronger than ever that I can not ignore it anymore.

I wanted everything! But since taking care of my skin is my priority, I chose the Milky Jelly cleanser— I couldn’t get over the clean towel campaign that they did, and wanted to try this formula as soon as I get my hands on— with the priming moisturizer to see the whole “clean+moisturized” effect on my skin.

Mar wanted me to have the whole concept I usually approach for my face ( she knows me best)—clear skin with no-makeup makeup feel, so we chose to get the boy brow because, obvs. it’s a must since I have thick brows and imagining myself one of the carefree models. And the highlighter because my approach is always dewy, clean shiny (not glittery) healthy look.

My delivery will have: Two Milky Jelly cleanser, priming moisturizer, boy brow, and the highlighter. Reaction: Ecstatic.



Probably the longest ride that any Glossier products had—I’m challenging you! If yours got a longer ride share it—mine was from NYC to transit in Germany to finally land in Egypt! And as I wanted to have the full experience—the whole Glossier experience— I wanted the package to arrive with the sealed Glossier tape on the package box, I wanted to experience the box opening, jumping around because I got new stickers and a big poster to hang on my wall, I wanted to read everything, try them on, everything damn thing!

My dreams shattered when the box arrived, on the Frankfurt airport, they opened the box and took the 2 bottles of the cleansers because it was more than a 100 ml! (177 ml). What I strongly think is that she was a Glossier lover and took it just because she can! Seems like she didn’t miss her chance either, Jk.

My delivery: Missing two face cleansers. Reaction: Devastated but not showing that.


I still got the Glossier experience even if the box was already opened, the packaging is amazing that I didn’t want to open it (I’m saving it tho), the font state it even if it’s written in italic! I love everything so far.

Glossier review

Mar & I on Glossier Makeup Review

The priming moisturizer

Me: After washing my skin ( regularly using La Roche Posay cleanser), I massage dollops of the cream as instructed, it’s very light that you can build it, I build more while messaging the whole face in circular motion, then in the opposite direction of the gravity. It’s fresh and makes the skin breath. However, I love my skin to be extra moisturized, so if I put it in competition with my regular moisturizer “Avene Clean-AC” which I know is not the same thing, I prefer to use the Ac because it gives the richness for the whole day, I love to feel the moisturized skin all the time. However, Glossier looks amazing under the makeup and I want to feel the lightness of it and the natural shine it gives in this case. So I’m using it as a primer for my makeup which is great.

The boy brow

The most amazing thing I’ve ever used on my brows, it doesn’t flake and the color settle in your brows and become one with yours (I use the brown shade), I love it so much because it’s an essential step in my makeup routine, actually it’s my only makeup for mornings. It’s alcohol-free, fragrance-free, paraben free, cruelty-free, and the result: Sharper, stronger defined frame. That’s all I need with my clean face in the morning.

The Haloscope Highlighter

If you love a shiny healthy face look, then use this highlighter, there are three different shades, I got the Quartz since it got that rose sheen on it that blends nicely with my skin shade, it also hydrates the skin! I also wonder about the moonstone shade but it’s a limited edition. But I feel that it’s so good to not be included as a regular shade. If you love a bouncy look with a bit of shine, then add the primer then the highlighter. I use it on my whole face right after the moisturizer, sometimes I put some of it on my hand then mix it with a bit of the priming moisturizer and add it to my whole face for a dewy look. Other times, I only moisturize my face and use the highlighter on my eyelids, hello Solange!

The Stretch Concealer

Mar is obsessed with concealers, I think she tried every drugstore concealer and she said that Glossier concealer is a winner, it blends with the skin like no other, very soft you can feel the cream. However, it doesn’t stick as long as any other concealer, you need to reapply every 2 hours or so. It tingles the first few seconds you apply which she thinks that’s how it works. For the perfect full coverage look for her, she applies a Maybelline concealer first then the Glossier one to make it stick longer and give the dewy creamy look at the same time, in this case, it could be good from 9-5 without reapplying.

I not a fan of concealers because I always feel it’s so thick and highly pigmented on my skin which I hate, from what Mar said I can sense that the Glossier concealer could be the one for me.


I’d get the priming moisturizers but only to apply before makeup, I’d definitely stock the boy brow and the highlighter because last time I was in love with a highlighter it discontinued and would give the stretch concealer a try!

Glossier makeup is great. They have a strategic smart small steps that have a huge impact on the consumer. I’m obsessed with the brand and the community they’re building around it. Yesterday they launched a new product, a Priming Moisturizer Rich cream which I’d love to know how would people react to it! Wish them the best of luck!

Tell me about your Glossier experience! What you loved and your tips of applying Glossier makeup, and what you wish they could upgrade?

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