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Having Fun With Stella!

I’m searching and searching and scouring the runways to find a good disgusting show that could makes me go woooahh but a few did, a very few delivered the vision, the story, the feeling—not just pieces—that made me think out of exhilarating anticipation how will the editors, the buyers and the wearers will transfer that to the street, which one from the hundreds will be a successful key piece in the next winter, which one had the good story from the beginning since first been walked in the runway, that you’ll wanna see it in different ways, different cities and feel in it different ways.

There were particular shows that delivered strong collections at PFW, one of the best recents was the Balenciaga show that is designed by Demna Gvasalia of Vestments, it held the veins of Balenciaga but was running Vestments’s blood and that is great actually, I always find it exciting to see another designer vision been translated to a big house, it was brilliant, though there’s a lot of the similar pieces from the two houses, was it for the sake of branding? I don’t know but I really don’t concern to know. What I know is that we will talk about Mr. Gvasalia vision for Balenciaga for a good amount of time.

In another hand, Stella this morning was Amazing, I felt that my eyes couldn’t process the whole greatness that I could get from one glimpse at my screen of a mansory display of the collection. I want to note everything, I want to print them all to be always in front of me and inspire me everyday. Very straightforward but also very fresh and somehow intrigue some buttons in you—what I need exactly from the runway, simple. A touch of bohemian i felt in the short fringes and the V flared blouses but also with clean cuts, playing with portions and textures—velvet and chiffon was main strong characters at this play, reminding you that fashion is FUN, you can see a little bit of Celine, Chloe, Dior feeling in the air, but isn’t it the way it is these days?… As the show goes I never cared less about the show/the details and imagining myself with every look from day to night—another way of defining the good from bad these days…

And while I’m processing everything i’m seeing, digesting it in a new way for an under construction wardrobe elaboration, taking only the good and reformat, looks that would give me that feeling of —oh I can do that right now and feel really fulfilled because I’m momently inspired with what i just saw and i don’t have to wait for 6 month to have it, but at the same time, I can NOT wait for it to hit the stores and in the meantime I’ll have fun. So let’s the fun begin!


Looks from left—puffed jackets in velvet, I repeat puffed jackets in rustic velvet is what I need at the moment, ok I need monochrome whole look of rustic now.

—Seriously I don’t want to be inspired by this look, I want to copy it, I want the same look.Period.—

—I’ve pants similar to those that I could wear with my fit grey sweater that could be worn with shirt underneath to give me movement, and add a long necklace wearing it crossed like that, hmm, I could DIY this one.

Stella MCcartney fw 16From left—Do I need to say anything about that gathering—White huge cuffs with navy plissés textur-atic skirt adding a velvet bag, can anyone say anything?

—I could totally do that! Inserting short fringes at the my plissé skirt!… I can not believe that I don’t have a plissé skirt till now! Adding one to my cart now… 


—This is my I-hope-to-look-that-smart-when-I-decide-to-go-that-route, I’d accessories myself with bohemian jewels plus the one statement earring, though the skirt/asymmetrical shirt combo is more than everything here.

—That was a regular blue jacker that been dyed then elongated then been added elastic cords to it to be perfectly worn alone and represent You as the cool modern sporty girl you always wanted to show in one piece but was hard, (ok that look’s from 3 though, don’t forget the one earning and the shoe), still, easy.

—At the end of the day, Who doesn’t want to be in a long swans printed dress!



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