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I Now Think About My Hands More Than Ever

In a desperate moment, while watching youtube streaming anything and everything it thought I would like. I declared that I won’t put polish on my nails ever again when I saw a girl with a nail polish that I didn’t admire. The nail polish wasn’t matching her hand, the nails weren’t done right. There was something so wrong there that made think of all the mistakes I made when it comes to nail polish, all the time I’ve wasted in doing them, that made me claim that statement.

I made the statement without noticing who’s around. My sister who is so done with my beauty statements burst in anger when she heard me. Yelling that I need to get out of this very desperate vortex because I don’t take care of myself the way I suppose to. Which for her included a perfectly done hair and nails. My statement was so shocking for her that I still don’t know why she took it this way. Maybe because I never do my hair or put any makeup on a daily basis that she’s so done with my beliefs? maybe.

For my nails, I tend to go for a classic red look most of the times, because I get bored so fast of colors. But I never get tired of looking at perfectly done red nails. I prefer a clean look most of the times. I rather have clean bare nails than rushed colored nails. For me, black nails can be far away from grunge. And nudes are the safe corner that I hide my unqualified techniques in.


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Having said that, I love unique hands that I always find on Instagram. The art and the dedication for perfect results always inspire me. Some look so easy they persuade me of trying it on myself. I never succeed though. Some are really powerful, like representing art in a way I never saw before.

Speaking of hands, I wish to paint my hands like this.


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There’s always something so magnificent about hands. Hand gestures can move me in many ways. It speaks for the person just like her attire. Azra is taking henna art in a spirit I never saw before.


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Also, one of the great hands that always love to see is Violette’s! HORTŪS do her nails in a very genius way where they adopt the old classic look in a very fresh modern way.

Featured image by Azra

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