Ahhhh spring! I think people everyday wake up with the same feeling of — yaaay spring and I’m gonna wear this and that and finally winter is over (unless, it’s raining unexpectedly and the whole day will ruin for that)

And I remember other words came from the mouth of the same people at the beginning of September, moi aussi! I’m the same person who said “OoooooOoooohhh September #hellyeah” at the first day of the month when i felt a little breeze,but why is that? Why the weather controls you when in fact you can have a little bit of both! i’m talking about this time of the year…
                                                                               “A Controller.
Like anyone else, I can’t wait to go more light in clothes now, though i lovee winter and layering, but i guess it’s a human nature, we always want what we can’t have, don’t we? but this time of the year gives you everything, like why you hate it, i mean i don’t care i wanna wear cropped pants and tops, i wanna feel fresh and tanned OhMyGod, but also at night i wanna feel the chill and wear a little from both, say a wool jacket with nothing underneath! what?… jk!, No.
That’s why i changed my mind about this time of the year. And I love it.
So Do you agree with me in that theory, or you are a straight person when in comes to seasons. Winter, Spring, summer or Autumn person?
Garance Dore Instagram photo.


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