Into Interior Details

I didn’t mean for it to happen it just did! But I feel like I found the secret formula!

If you’re living alone, or planning to live with your new family or having any moving phase at your life right now, then you ‘ll not gonna let any interior photo in you feed to just slip by without noticing every single detail on it.

And I’m gonna talk particularly about interior design details other than thinking about separating my interior Pinterest board into 4 boards and section it into categories because one is just not enough for me.

Or when you click the photo you like to save and scroll down to the related pins, in this moment you can forget about your whole life and strat planning your space from the scratch in your head and here comes the dangerous thinking, you start wondering what to do with a bed you just bought and want to go with a pink or green sofa instead because it looks cooler, and you possibly could live/sleep on a couch for the rest of your life and life is too short for a huge bed.

The above photos can tell that you don’t need a huge space to feel personal, it’s the complete opposite, you just need a corner to make it your own, I call the first photo JunglexRawcChic and I can’t be more in love.

I told you before about the details that from my perspective, is more important to define where you’re going with your whole vision for the space you’re creating.

The interior design details like the plants, pictures, frames, color palette, textures, unfinished woodwork and even the people that will light the whole space after doing it!

So what makes space more live for you!? Talk to me.


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