A #NYFW Review From My Couch

I feel something new this fashion week season at New York from my side. I not sad about not being there, so that gives me a chance and space in my mind to come with new ideas on how to not be there, but completely—as possible— be in it ALL for the right reasons. I’m not stressed about it and I analyze and digest every show carefully. Not to write about it, but to feel it from distance. What I liked the most this season is the comfort in the creations. The closest to get to my dream, of wearing something on top of anything to make it look great!
Rosie Assoulin

One word occurs to my mind every time I see a Rosie Assoulin collection: Why the hell I’m not celebrating life, myself, wearing consciously like -insert any Assoulin collection-every single day, because if that makes my eyes dance, my soul breath every time I see it. Why don’t we make it as a habit??

Creatures of Comfort

Creatures of comfort: You can read the book from its cover. The ethics behind what the brand stands for. Just like comfort food when it does its job. Clean and breathable. The elite version of menocore which I never mind to upgrade to. Different approaches to one garment. To be layered differently, like Arabian silhouettes and farmers feel. For another taste to create a whole different recipe of the same raw ingredients—dress+shirt+sweater or sleep wear+ dress. Like who would’ve thought that eating rice with pasta; combined together in one bowl with tomato sauce on top of it with a sprinkle of lentils and fried thin onions is ever good? She proved it is. And believe me, it is good.


Tibi: Resemble —from my perspective which is sometimes useful—a New Yorker who’s been living in Europe for quite a bit now. Living the hygge lifestyle like no other. But never forgot about her background, and why she would? She loves NYC, the nastiness, coolness, and edge of it. The little details that anyone can catch in one glimpse of her denim color and clean silhouettes. She’s very powerful to combine the two worlds now. To not forget her traditions and take the best from her present experience.

Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel: Designers Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur did the very first ready to wear collection in Soho this season. The simple but very smart palette that goes really well together, even if it’s all worn in one outfit! That show was for my if-you-want-to-wear- colors-but-you-have-no-clue-where-to-start kinda board. That I secretly pin and then get inspired by, then get all the credit for having a good eye for colors blending. A well tailored coats with a blend of gingham trousers, floral print dresses and full patterned suit in the mix to make you wonder what’s next? because this, now, feels so right.


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