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Long time no write. I miss doing this. Putting on the Summer Endless playlist by Sporty & Rich, and write without much thinking. I miss this space. Open my posts page tab, and copy/ paste my words there, Adjust the SEO, add a featured image, some categories, and tags; add some fine details, then hit publish, then jump to the front page to put it in the desired place, then, publish it to social media.

I mostly miss you!

I took a loaahhhoongg time to figure “things” out. By the end of 2019, I was oversaturated with everything in this life. Even the place I live in. Too many exciting things happened, too many tough times we went/still going through. I moved house, took the time to rest, didn’t work full time (so grateful for the possibilities), and got my shit together. Eventually, I came up with an inspiring career plan that I will start executing next month… year ??

Since the COVID-19 outbreak transformed our lives, things got blurry. No one knows what will happen in the near future. All we know is that we all in this together, trying to get the most out of the time in our hands. And ultimately, we will get out of it appreciating every second of this life like never before.

I think I have pretty much figured out how to adapt to this 24/7 home life without feeling like I would jump out of the window, or crumble in a corner and cry out of anxiety.

It’s not easy. Even if I love being at home anyway, it’s not that simple to hold on to all the mandatory stuff you need to do every day from home—not to worry about my sister who works in the NHS, or about the heath of the elderly members in my family—AND feel good most of the time. Feeling like;

So optimistic on a morning before COVID-19 when you wake up and just know that this day will be great, you smell it in the air.
Or, very pissed off of a long queue you had to join, but wait in anyhow, because this coffee place is so damn worth it.
Or so excited because you discovered a new unique place you can hang out in with friends every weekend.
And then tirelessly spend all Sunday night at the aforementioned place and come home late to discover that there’s no place like home.

At the moment, what I do is planning my days by chunks; Morning, afternoon, and evening. Then categorize my responsibilities on each chunk. If morning for work, then afternoon for home chores, and night for chilling and hobbies. Then organize all the tasks and chores in an hourly layout note. If I didn’t organize it hourly, then all day will be a worrying spiral of kitchen-bed-news.

My sister told me I should only concentrate on surviving, that I don’t have to stress about the countless things I have to do in the day. I’m certain that her perspective can’t be compared to mine-someone home safe, not fully grasp what truly happens on the battlefield, but at the same time, appreciate all of it–She’s right, but I have a point to make.

For us at home, I think it’s the time we should be concentrating on ourselves and our creativity. Get out of the rut and push yourself to learn something new. Or continue on this project you delayed perpetually and hoped for more time in a day to work on it. This time isn’t for worrying, be grateful that you are in a safe place, and start now. Things can be truly worst for all of us. But we are safe now, and that’s all that matters. Do your work, or do nothing at all—learn to do that, but don’t complain or worry.

Sooo, after this push that you might need or not, what are you doing these days?

Of course, other than cooking! I think this generation will be better at cooking than any other, AMIRIGHT?

I mean, I can cook. The basics, some Egyptian dishes, And I thought, I have the time to be at an intermediate level, Right!!? …Raise your hands if you tried an easy banana bread recipe from someone’s IG and turned out in the pin? Ohh, the chocolate chips I have wasted…But there are so many recipes I cooked for the family that came out successful and ready to be shared hereee!

I can’t wait to share more here. I’m searching for new ways to connect to you. I just developed some codes here, giving it a cooler and more up to date look, I still have some touches to make here and there, but I’m enjoying the results so far. Do you like it? Haa, ha! Additionally, I began to ponder the decoration options for the new place. Not getting anything done yet, but that’s fine, I’ll sleep on the floor until forever, it’s good for the back. But! I assembled two wardrobes (with sliding doors, it’s the worst), a king-size bed (not mine), a three-seat couch, and a chest of six drawers. I’m also practicing French, and some Turkish— I love the similarities of our cultures—And studying architecture books in some areas I lack in my practice. I like to think of this time as if it froze, just for me, to catch on all of the goals I desire to obtain in this life. The beginning of something better, you might say.

So tell me, wyd?

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