You know that urge feeling that you have that if you doesn’t send this text now you’re gonna explode or something because of how frustrated you already been from how cold this person you’re texting is!?? uhhhh!!! this is my life daily. Like I read a text on Instagarm the other day and I quote “I mean do you just text me and then throw your phone in the specific ocean!!?” That coldness from the receiver could make me send anything to him from “I hate you to I’m the one who will throw her phone in the ocean, don’t you ever talk to me again,” and in this exact moment I hold myself from texting that, don’t know why actually!

Then I saw him, after more minutes of frustration typing something, then he take the exact same minutes he already took to just look at the message and understand it (of course he’s trying to know what the hell will say next), in this whole operation that could go from minutes to hours, I die and bury myself alive with a cactus on my head, he finally text back with something more stupid, I take the same minutes that he took to reply, I mean to make it right (the girls dictionary) and text back with just a…  K.

And we rewind the whole process again, this could go for days!

Is it just me or you always living in this unending process, what if I just say I hate you, please delete my number and rest my mind from this bullshit!?

When I was about to buy the cactus, I said to my very balanced self that I want to live and text what I really wanted which was the magic formula, he said sorry after just 3 seconds (breaking record!) and I did what I want which was: one: I vent out my frustration, pmsing or whatever I’m going throw. Two: He texted me back in seconds, saying sorry, what do you want more!?

That doesn’t mean that I’ll make that every single time, definitely not, I mean where’s the play and the fun part in this ha!!?

How do you go throw this texting process?, and how do you deal with these people?

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