All Things Turquoise 

Every season I search for a new color to stick to and never let go of, or that’s what I assume to act each season, at the same time last year, I wore red outfits as I’ve never worn before. I bought red tables and used red words on all my Instagram stories. Red is already my favorite color, next to yellow, and I thought I would never get tired of red, but after a while, you start to search for the new next color that will give you the same jolt of joy for at least months in a row.

When I dug deeper about the reasons behind my obsessive needs for a color to stick to each season, I found that it doesn’t go this way per se. Going through all my references, counting how many colors in my room, and why I stick to one more than the others. I found something that I wasn’t expecting. I’m not a minimal girl. Even if I love the beige theme of some grids on my Instagram account and I could spend hours there (literally), I can say it’s just a fling that comes and goes whenever I need to refresh. I can’t stick to one color even for months in a row. It’s rather what this color adds to what I already build/have around me. I enjoy looking at color hues, and mix and match some for reference. It’s an actual hobby of mine.

What I also learned that I love to dig deeper in seasonal colors. Say, this season’s color is turquoise, other than the fact that I spent my summer in surrounded by turquoise. It is a hue of color that I never enjoy seeing solely on objects. So, I want to see what the color can offer besides its amazing compatibility with chocolate tones. For that, I’m sharing what I found about turquoise so far. Get a drink, enjoy the slideshow, think how you’ll add it to your closet and interior life, I mean if you want to! I already see three of my objects around my room in that color, including my budgie’s cage. And I’m preparing for more.

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