Open Thread: What Are The Specific Things You Can Not Travel Without?

When we plan our next travel, we keep in mind all the stupid moments we made in our past travels and prepare to prevent it from happening in the next trip. For instance, I once forgot my power bank and went to a new country that I knew nothing about, and it took me so much time to find a store to buy a new one, a time I wasn’t planning to spend on searching for power banks.

We try to pack our essentials and never forget a thing for maximum preparation and pleasure, to feel like home in new places. Yes, we want a new experience, but with maximum comfort. We make lists of all the essentials, search the internet for the ultimate travel packing list because we also want to pack smartly. There’s the toiletry bag, the travel comfort items, there’s that small, insignificant stuff that would make no sense to others but we can’t survive anywhere without it.

I’m talking about the specifics. Like a special loofah made in your country packed first thing and took much luggage space, but you never feel clean without it. Or pack a product from another country because you think you can’t survive the winter without it. Our needs differentiate from person to another, and it’s always intriguing, and fun, to know about these well-defined lists. Here’s my specific list of things I can’t travel without having in hand, wearing, or knowing for sure that it’s in one of my bags.

1. My Egyptian loofah.
2. Weleda Skin Food. One in each bag.
3. Birkenstocks and socks, you can’t find me running in an airport in any other shoe.
4. Adaptor, 2 way and 3 ways.
5. A pack of freek if I’m planning to cook on a long trip, also bought from Egypt.
6. A candle, the smell depends on my mood.
6. A toiletry bag for my in-flight care.
7. A warm wrap for the plane that is also used as a pashmina at night strolls.
8. A garment steamer. I wasn’t paying any attention to wrinkles, but satin must be steamed.
9. Fragrance oils.
10. Power bank, of course.

What about you, what are the specific things you can not travel without, I mean, survive without?


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