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5 Items I Would Buy Today And Wear For The Next 5 Years

I hate to feel like I’m obligated to buy something every single season. a)because I have enough already. b) I love to challenge myself to create more looks at what I have since 2014. But fall is the season when you can find the best stuff at stores. Pieces that can be adjusted to wear in winter and summer. And since I’m wearing items I owned 6 and 8 years back, I want to mix it with items that will make me look fresh, in 2020. And after eight years, when I look at the way I dressed, I want to still think my style was good. Believe me, it’s possible. So how to solve this mystery? 

Simply, by choosing to buy timeless pieces. Ask yourself, would I wear that one year, two years from now, and you will know. Here are the best fall buys in my very humble opinion.

Boxy Jackets

fall best buys
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Boxy jackets were very cool in the ’80s as we saw before, and now they’re coming back. Blazers considered a chic item to elevate any look but imagine a fit look or even a loose one, and boxy blazer is thrown on the top! That would be gooeeeed.

Skinny Jeans 

fall best buys

I never threw my skinny jeans because I knew it would be back one day. I feel like a winner here! This day is here, and I’m down for it! I don’t have a long skinny-straight pair that doesn’t look so skinny. You see, the skinny pair that I talk about is more of a skinny fit but doesn’t hold into your legs like a glue. It just fits right. All my skinny pairs are cropped. However, I really love the high-waist pair in the picture above. Also, I’m waiting for the low-rise to be back again, is that wired? It’s coming, whether you like it or not. But at the end of the day, feel free to wear whatever you want. 

Knit sets


Every time I see a co-ord set, I feel that I don’t have anything in my wardrobe. You can wear them together or alone. It makes 3-4 different looks without thinking (if it’s a 3-pieces set). Ok, a matching look that is so put together, no sweat, and infinity of opportunities with two new pieces in your wardrobe. I would lean more for a set with a cardigan because that gives me a window for an outwear piece that I could wear, whenever, however, I want! You can find cute co-ord knit sets at Zara.

Long skirts

fall best buys

I was watching Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay circa season 6, and it has a major long skirts alert. Rachel matches it with something simple as a basic white shirt and t-shirt, and phoebe went crazy on layering it with boots and coats in winter. So yes, I’m in for that 90s look. 

Wide-leg trousers

fall best buys

Believe it or not, it’s a cool element I don’t have in my closet. A pair of wide-leg trousers would be my new pair of jeans. I would wear it everyday, pair it with the aforementioned boxy blazer, or just with a white t-shirt and strips sandals. Pick a neutral color that would go with everything you wear. I would go for black or grey rather than beige because I really want to wear it much more than cleaning it. 

Fall best buy hands down?

Totally of our subject, but I found this while scrolling Zara this morning, what do you think? It gives me The Row FALL 2020 RTW vibes. But I’m waiting for a more minimal piece. 


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