Open Thread: If You Had To Live With One Pair Of Jeans, Which Style Would It Be?

You may don’t know me, but I get crazy excited by open threads. Downgrading all my opportunities to one option, why one would do that? thinking about it, it’s great to know more about yourself, also, what if you decided to take the minimal route, and will want to minimize your wardrobe for only one pair of jeans!?

This is a crucial subject, pair of jeans? In summer!? Believe me, I know, no one’s first choice would be a pair of pants in the summer let alone a pair of jeans, but sometimes, behind the beautiful idea of the perfect summer, you work, you run errands during the week, and you attend a numerous amount of events where jeans are just the only reasonable option, so there you go.

If I can only pick one style of jeans for summer 2019, the perfect pair will have to be a comfortable piece that would shape my hips and legs in a nice way. No gaps would form anywhere what so ever. While standing, the legs height will be just above the ankles for sexy mules look… or dropping to the floor and just hinge to any footwear. It has a relaxed, straight style overall, high rise, in a mid-wash color with a finished hem.

It would look great on cropped flared tops, and perfect with an oversized shirt. Am I reaching for the stars here, because I really can’t find such a pair, I seriously need suggestions.

Over to you, what would be your perfect choice of jeans, does it exist in your wardrobe or you just dream about it like moi?


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