Styling Tricks New York Fashion Week Spring 2020

The 9 Styling Tricks I Will Copy From New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week spring 2020 has been nothing but a great gesture into the styling ideas that you can do today. Even if you are not following the latest trends. The shows always feels like (from my humble couch experience) it either great art you appreciate—Marc Jacobs, I love you— and hope one day you would have a chance to wear, or a storm of styling ideas of pieces that has some quality and a twist into it, but also, can copy now with what you already have in your closet. The latter has a close place to my heart because it gets me too excited and connected to the brand somehow—it affects my periodic self that thrive to look and feel its best. Like we are speaking through clothes in a very intelligible dialect. You, as a brand, get me. As I’m experiencing the integration and the fine points you just lined in front of me, I can either order from you next season, or try my best to imitate some of it right this moment. I respect you for both choices you decided to place for me, to freely select what suits me best.

For that, and until the pieces arrive to the stores, I will appreciate the thought of the style, by showing you some styling tricks from the New York fashion week Spring 2020 shows that got great elements into it for the fall season and transition weather. And if you still in the summer mood, know that I’m jealous, but I got you covered too.

Rag & Bone

Think the pants over the dress resemble if you haven’t done it before. Consider it with these adjustments if you had already. The green silk track pants add a sense of surprise, a very thin belt around the dress will make you look more defined, and the bag around the upper part of your body is a very carefree idea if you don’t like large bags but you need it, sometimes, like me. Lastly, the leather hair bow will show how put together you are, even if you have the wildest hair—something you/I think too informal for most occasions.

The Row

A lot of tiny little alterations that flew me to the moon when I saw the show a couple of days ago. Features I rarely conceive. For example, why I always tuck my shirt in my medium length skirt? why I only wear it this way when I can have a whole new silhouette if I let the shirt out of the skirt, especially if I have a large shirt? Which I do, it’s crazy! why I don’t wear my black suits with a pale yellow shirt and zipped pullover underneath, all paired with the modern equivalent, but more convenient, and useful, Cinderella shoe? or most importantly, why I do not wear my tracksuit pants with socks, and Teva-like sandals, all completed with a blazer for the crazy cool slash comfortable professional look? why? why!!!


A cropped sweater over a jumpsuit is something I never really thought about. Perfect for transitional weather. So flattering if you would wear kind of thick jumpsuit (like here, leather), and pair it with sandals. That’s a fashion paradox I would like to try and watch all day. Another great style I take in mind is the full white look. White tank and baggy pants, worn with a long cream, wool cardigan, and a pop of turquoise slide on feet just make it feel so fresh and complete. You know me lately with turquoise.


A sarong with a fancy top is something I would love to reflect next summer. A sweater that is long enough to cover all your arms, maybe even your friends’, styled with a bottom half that isn’t screened as one may have imagined, but much better. Outfitted with your usual black tote, and the gladiator sandals you just bought.

Michael Kors

Besides the very cute berries theme that was shown in this style, we can consider the whole look to re-create. My verdict to style it now would be something like, a huge sweater, I know you have one. Worn with that mini skirt you got on one Reformation sale and been wearing it all summer long. Paired with a straw bag, and a set of your only-for-work moccasins. I’m quite content to project an idea that will make you wear pieces from different seasons and categories.

Images via Vogue Runway.


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