The Top Fiber Artists to Follow on Instagram

It started last week when I was scrolling my beloved Instagram feed. Clicking on each interesting photo to see the tagged brands, while I paused on one, in particular, that had a great interior, a specific frame in the background. It seemed like rugs frame, I liked the name that I called it. But I loved it more when I investigated and found that there are accounts that actually created just for that matter. A whole new art rug opens to me that I didn’t know anything about!

There are some special accounts who offer great color explosion in your head when you hit their names. Some with fuzzy little geometric shapes with the most beautiful colors. And some wavered in a non-structured way with huge tassels. It’s like a 3D wall tapestries. Now I have an art that I can dive into while I’m sipping my cup of coffee… Finally!

I love how it looks hard but fun. And since I love to do textured DIY’s, it feels just right to dig into this one. Maybe this could be my new habit. Maybe I should think of habits more from now on.

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